HPIC: The Harlot's Progress in Context

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HPIC: The Harlot's Progress in Context is an archived version of "The Harlot's Progress in Context" website. This archived site contains web content, including text, images, annotations, and URLS for internal links from the "hpic.digital.utsc.utoronto.ca" domain. External web pages and content are not included in this archived site, although URLs for external links remain as part of the structure of the website.

The website, "The Harlot's Progress in Context," was dedicated to William Hogarth (1697-1764), a well-known eighteenth-century painter and engraver. This archived site features all of the website's internal content at the time of capture. It includes in-depth analysis of Hogarth's six-part series of engravings, "A Harlot's Progress", and six plates which depict the story of Moll Hackabout.

The website was created by a class of undergraduate students in ENGC37 at the University of Toronto Scarborough, during the winter semester of 2015. Staff from the Digital Scholarship Unit at the UTSC Library and the UTSC Writing Centre provided technical, research, and writing support.
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